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Release Notes (Mar 22, 2024) - News / Product Updates - MemberNova Support

Mar 22 2024

Release Notes (Mar 22, 2024)

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  • Re-order Event Tickets and Products - The order of how tickets and products are displayed on the events registration page can now be re-arranged by clicking on the three vertical dots on the set up screen. Previously, the order of how they were entered in the setup screen was the order in which they were displayed.

  • Copy Event Tickets - Event tickets can now be duplicated. The copy function will open a pop up window allowing you to make edits to the name, description and pricing details which are copied from the selected ticket.

  • Increased character limit on event descriptions - Increased the character limit for the event’s short description to 30,000 characters and the full description to 100,000 characters.

  • Improved Time Zone Display for Events - When viewing events on the website, hovering over the time zone will display the event in the registrant’s local time zone. This makes it easier for user to know what time the event starts and ends based on their local time.

  • Event Organizer Details - Added an option to show or hide the event organizer's contact details on the event’s landing page. This option can be enabled or disabled when adding or editing the event organizer from the event setup page.

  • Attendee Lookup for Events - We increased the limit of members displayed in the search result within the member look up field from 5 to 25 within the Events module. Member lookups fields are available when an admin is registering a member, selecting an event organizer or when a representative from a company is registering multiple people from their organization, should this option be enabled.

  • Recipient Options for Membership Emails - You can now have email notifications, campaigns, and reminders be sent to Sender Profiles in addition to individual members. This allows these emails to be sent to a specific contact type such as a Company’s Primary Contact, Billing Contact, Organization Staff Member, etc.

  • Ability to Resend Blocked Emails - You are now able to resend emails to a previously blocked email through the record's profile or through the email's statistics page, once the record has been unblocked. To learn how to unblock email addresses, refer to this help article: How to use the email blocked list.

  • Displaying Free Membership Fee Options - With all membership fees, should the "Initial Fee" and /or "Reinstate Fee" be set to $0, these will not display as options on the join and renewal forms.

  • Membership Email Templates - You can now select Membership email templates such as your onboarding campaigns and renewal reminders from the templates area when composing an email. Previously, these templates were only available through the membership types page when setting up onboarding and renewal campaigns.

  • Improved Email Template Search- Enhanced the email templates page to support searching for email templates by title.

  • Google Tag Manager - We are happy to announce that we now support Google Tag Manager. To learn how to connect a Google Tag Manager account, refer to this help article: How to connect Google Tag Manager to the website.

  • Currencies - We now support the following currencies: Brazilian real (BRL), Swiss Franc (CHF), Japanese Yen (JPY),Mexican Peso (MXN), Polish złoty (PLN), South African Rand (ZAR) and Swedish krona (SEK).

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