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Release Notes (May 5, 2023) - News / Product Updates - MemberNova Support

May 5 2023

Release Notes (May 5, 2023)

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We're pleased to announce the following updates we've made to the MemberNova platform.

  • Address Country Names - We have updated three countries names based on the changes from the United Nations (UN): We changed "Czech Republic" to "Czechia", "Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of)" to "North Macedonia", and "Turkey" to "Türkiye".

  • Bulk Export on listings - We have enhanced the Bulk Export functionality so that it now starts the file download immediately, and automatically prompts you to download it. We also enhanced the download button making it more prominent to improve ease of use.

  • Invoice Actions - To improve ease of use we renamed the action "Print" to "View PDF/Print" on invoices.

  • Bulletin Rendering on Outlook mobile - We improved our bulletin themes to further support rendering on the Microsoft Outlook mobile app, so the bulletin loads correctly.

  • Subscription List Page - We have introduced a new action called Refresh. This action can be used on a per subscription level or as a bulk action to update multiple records. The Refresh action allows you to update the subscription after a change happens which affects subscriptions. Eg. You increase the Grace Period on a membership type. When the Refresh action is used on subscription records that were affected by the grace period change, it will update the subscriptions to the correct status (i.e. from expired to Active Grace).

  • Scheduled Emails - Introduced an option which allows administrators to be able to cancel scheduled emails by using the "Cancel" action in the profile's Email History section or on the Email Traffic Report page.

  • Payment Provider: Authorize.Net - We now support AVS (Address Verification Service) with Authorize.Net. This is an option on Authorize.Net which will decline the credit card payment if the entered address is not the address on the credit card. To learn more, please click on the following link to read the article about AVS:

  • Payment Provider: Bambora - We now support AVS (Address Verification Service) with Bambora. This is an option on Bambora which will decline the credit card payment if the entered address is not the address on the credit card. To enable AVS with Bambora, please login to Bambora and then navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings. For any assistance with this, please contact Bambora.

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