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Release Notes (Apr 12, 2023) - News / Product Updates - MemberNova Support

Apr 12 2023

Release Notes (Apr 12, 2023)

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We're pleased to announce the following updates we've made to the MemberNova platform.

  • Event Registration - Improved linking members/records to event registrations when the individual registers through the website. Now, if you change the buyer or attendee information, if the member record exists in the database, the record will link to the member record. If the email address is not in the system then the attendee will be marked as a Guest.

  • Event Manager Access Role Updates - Users with the Event Manager role can now see the same advanced email options as administrators when sending an email through the event's Orders and Attendees list.

  • Architecture Update for the Event's Orders and Attendee Listings - We have improved the architecture which the order and attendee lists within an event are built on, in an effort to decrease page load time.

  • Email Template Usage - We have added a new page linked to email templates that allow you to view where the templates are in use. To see this page, go into the Email Templates page in Setting then click the "Usage" option in the email template's action options.

  • Email Template Usage Protection - We have added better protection and validation that now prevents you from deleting an email template if it is in use by any workflow.

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