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How do I use the Email Blocked List? - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Communication - MemberNova Support

How do I use the Email Blocked List?

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The Email Blocked List contains email addresses of recipients that may have bounced or which which have reported to MemberNova as spam. If an email address is listed on this blocked list, that recipient will stop receiving any emails sent to them composed within MemberNova.

The Email Blocked List ensures that the system will not continue sending emails to misspelled or invalid emails.  At times the email address may also return an error, or the recipient's email system (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) may mark a MemberNova email as spam.  If the email address is spelled incorrectly it should be changed in the member's profile before removing it from the Email Blocked List. If the recipient marked a MemberNova email as spam you can "unblock" that email from the Blocked List and try to email that recipient again.

Email Blocked List

  1. From the Dashboard, click Home or the house icon in the menu, on the left.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Blocked Emails in the Communication section.
  4. This will display the list of emails which are on the blocked list. It displays the following data:
    • Last Name - The last name of the recipient.
    • First Name - The first name of the recipient.
    • Email - The blocked email address.
    • Date - The date the email was added to the Blocked List.
    • Reason - The error message MemberNova received back from the email delivery service.
    • Actions:
      • Edit Profile - Displays the member or entity's profile.
      • Unblock - Removes the email from the Blocked List so that the email address can be emailed again.

If a person is not getting emails due to their email address being on the blocked list, please confirm their email address is correct. If correct but they continue being blocked, then you may need to contact the person who is being blocked as there may be actions needed on their end including adding MemberNova to their safe senders list.

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