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Email Traffic Report

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The Email Traffic Report contains all of the statistics from the emails sent from your account. This allows you to see what emails have been sent, from which area, and the email's status. It can also display the recipient's email address and the content of the email. You can access the Email Traffic Report by following the steps below:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Home or the house icon on the left menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Email Traffic Report in the Communication section.
  4. Enter a date range in the date fields and click Generate Report.
  5. After the page refreshes, click the Details link.

Email Traffic Report Details

  1. This page displays all of the emails sent between the date range entered. You will see the following information:
    • Date - The date the email was sent.
    • Sender - The name of the sender on the email.
    • Type - The area where the email was sent from. E.g. Events, Triggered Email (from a form, listing, or profile), etc.
    • Subject - The subject of the email.
    • Emails Sent - The number of recipients.
    • Total Size - The size of the email in KB (kilobytes).
    • Actions - Contains a preview button. This allows you to view the content of the email.
  2. You can also enter a different date range and use the search filter if needed.
  3. To see more details about an email, click on the number in the Emails Sent column to see the email's statistics.

Email Statistics

  1. This page displays the statistics of the email. It shows the percentage of how many have been opened, delivered, and undelivered.

    Note: You can hover over top of the question mark (?) icon to learn more.

  2. The following is a list of email statuses and what each one mean:
    • Successfully Delivered - This is the total number of emails that have been successfully delivered to the recipients.
    • Queued For Delivery - This is number of emails that are ready to be sent, but are in queue for delivery. Emails are queued to improve deliverability.
    • Blocked - This is the number of emails that have been blocked due to deliverability problems, such as a bad domain name, incorrect email format, or if the recipient previously reported messages as spam. You can view or unblock them through the Email Blocked List.
    • Bounce - This shows the number of emails that could not be delivered, because an error message was received back from the recipient email service. There are two different types of bounces:
      • A hard bounce occurs when there is a permanent reason that the email cannot be delivered, such as an invalid email address.
      • A soft bounce is usually a temporary error.
    • Total Recipients - This is the total number of email recipients.
  3. The following are the definitions for the columns that make up the Email Stats page:
    • Status - The status of the email.
    • To - The email address it was sent to.
    • Date - The date of when it was sent.
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