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Custom Email Templates

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Custom Email Templates allow you to create customized messages as templates. These pre-designed message templates can be applied to outgoing emails or notifications.

Email Templates

  1. From the dashboard, click Home or the house icon on the left.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Email Templates, in the Communication section.
  4. This will display a list of existing email templates with a few options:
    • Make Default - This sets the email template as your personal default email template when creating an email.
    • Edit - Lets you modify the email template.
    • Copy - Creates a duplicate of the email template.
    • Preview - Previews the email template to see its content.
    • Delete - Removes the email template.

Creating an Email Template

  1. From the Email Templates list, click on the Add New Template button.
  2. You will be asked to fill in the following fields:
    • Name - The name of the email template.
    • Subject - The subject of the email template.
    • Insert Mail Merge Fields - This allows you to enter merge fields into the email template, click here to learn more.
    • HTML - The content of the email.
    • Text - The text only content of the email. When plain text is populated, email clients with HTML disabled will still display the text version.
    • Generate text version - This allows you to generate a text only version of the HTML content of the email, overwriting the current Text version of the email.
  3. Click Save when done.
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