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How to use merge fields

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Merge Fields will allow you to add database values that make up member or contact profiles into your email for further personalization. For example, even if you have many recipients you can choose to address each recipient by their first name by adding this field as a merge field . All merge fields have dollar signs ($) surrounding them, for example $FIRST_NAME$. Upon sending the email, this tag will get populated with the value from the recipient's profile.

Merge Fields

  1. In the Templates and Merge Fields area in Step 2 on the Compose Email screen, you will see drop down boxes. Click on the drop down option next to the recipient type you are sending an email to.

  2. Find the merge field you would like to input into the email and click on it.

  3. That merge field will be automatically added into the email wherever your cursor is in the email body.  

When you are satisfied with the email, click "Send" to send to your recipients.

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