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Release Notes (Jan 12, 2023) - News / Product Updates - MemberNova Support

Jan 12 2023

Release Notes (Jan 12, 2023)

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We're pleased to announce the following updates we've made to the MemberNova platform.

  • Member Profile - When an email is sent to a referenced person/entity, it will now be displayed in their Email History in their profile.

  • Member Profile - Admins are now able to send the Password Reset Email to members by using the "Send Reset Password Email" link on the member's Credentials/Login element.

  • Listings - When you perform a Bulk Action, like an export you will receive a notification by email letting you know the bulk action is complete.

  • Emails - If you use the "Send to Myself" or send a test email to yourself using the send test email button there is now extra text added behind the subject. This helps stop email providers like Gmail condense/clip/truncate emails that are the same message in the email client. The text added is "TEST" with the date and time after it. Eg. "TEST-20230110-12:00:00" Note: The date and time is in the UTC time zone.

  • Email Templates - We have made some improvements when selecting an existing email template. Now when you select an template from a specific module (eg. Events) you will only see the email templates from the Event Email Templates. This is now true with all the other modules as well (Financial, Groups, etc.)

  • Recipient Profiles - When adding or editing a Recipient Profile, we have added a new Select Recipient Type selector, this way you can choose to either select an existing member or enter a custom name and email address to be stored as the recipient. Note: You will be required to mark that you have the consent of the individual in order to use their email address.

  • Events - A member can now be assigned as an Event Organizer and be given roles to administer the event, manage the orders and attendees, and send communications. This allows you to give event manager access on an event by event basis to specific people instead of assigning this role on a general level.

  • Events - Added two new email lists. People who Donated or used a Promo Code.

  • Events - When adding or editing an event organizer, there is now a option called "Show Contact Details". If this is turned on, the event's public registration page will display the organizers contact information. If it is turned off,  registrants will see a link on the organizer and when clicked will redirect the user to the Contact form where no email address is exposed.

  • Events and Groups - If an existing member is an organizer of an event or group and if they change their name, it now automatically updates the Event Organizers of the groups and events. Before it would not update the Event Organizers, so it would display the organizer's old name.

  • Website - Added 10 new dark color palettes for the Impression Theme.

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