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Release Notes (Feb 21, 2023) - News / Product Updates - MemberNova Support

Feb 21 2023

Release Notes (Feb 21, 2023)

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We're pleased to announce the following updates we've made to the MemberNova platform.

  • Email Templates - System email templates will now display in the areas where they should be used for the following areas: Groups, Events, Store, Finances, and Donations. E.g. Whereas when wanting to select an Event System Email from the Email Invite screen, you would previously see all Event related emails, now you will only see invite related system templates.

  • Email Templates in Use - We have added validation to now display that an email template is in use in X areas when trying to delete it from the Email Template Library. This is to prevent templates in use from being accidentally deleted.

  • Email Template Usage - You are now able to see where an email template is being used. This can be done while on the list of email templates, then clicking on the "Usage" option on the list of actions.

  • Email Templates Availability for Events - When directly emailing a Buyer or Attendee, you can now select any custom event email templates to be used. Previously you could only select System event email templates.

  • Promo Codes Report - We’ve created a new report which allows you to see who, when, and on which order a promo code was used. To access this page, navigate to the Promo Codes page from settings and click on the number in the "Applied Count" column.

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