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How to view, edit, and delete membership types - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Membership - MemberNova Support

How to view, edit, and delete membership types

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You may need to manage the membership types in your Organization to perform changes. This will allow you to view, edit and remove membership types.

Modifying Membership Types

  1. From the Dashboard, click Home or the house icon on the left.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Membership Types.

  4. This will display a list of the current membership types. You can view or delete the membership type by clicking on the down arrow on the same line as the membership type. To edit a membership type, click view first.

  5. By clicking view, it displays the membership type's profile. There are several tabs:

Details Tab

  • Membership Definition

    • Name - The name of the new membership type.

    • Code - The code of the membership type.

    • Sequence - The order which this membership will appear in the list of all membership types.

  • Membership Finance Settings

    • Payment Account - The financial account linked in MemberNova.

    • GL Account - The membership type payment will be deposited into this account. 

  • Membership Management Settings

    • Entity Type - The entity type the membership type is for.

    • Additional Roles to Assign - Members who subscribe to this membership type will receive these membership roles

    • Display Renewal Link on Login Page for Expired Members - When a member with an expired subscription with this membership type attempts to log in, a link to the renewal form will be displayed on the login page. 

    • Renewal Form - The renewal form which will be displayed to the member to renew membership.

  • Visibility Settings

    • Visibility on Forms - Where the membership type will be shown.

      • Public - This will display the membership type only on the website or external forms.

      • Internal - This will display the membership type only in MemberNova or internal forms.

      • Public and Internal - This will display the membership type everywhere.

    • Availability - Who can select this membership type

      • Inactive - This makes the membership inactive to anyone.

      • New - This will allow only new members to be able to select it.

      • Renewal - This will allow only renewing or past members to be able to select it.

      • New and Renewal - This allows any member to select it.

    • Not Official - If enabled, this membership type will not appear on membership dashboards

  • Description - The description of the membership type.

Plans & Options

  • Price Plans - This displays the Price Plans associated with with the membership type. (Eg. Introductory, Monthly, and Annual pricing)

Renewal Settings

  • Renewal Settings - This area allows you to set sequences to send emails to members a certain amount of days before their their membership ends. (Eg. Reminder email to renew their membership)


  • Documents - This area allows you to save and view documents for the membership type.

Next Steps

Once your membership type is configured you will want to next configure the price plans.

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