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How to resend undelivered emails - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Communication - MemberNova Support

How to resend undelivered emails

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When sending emails, occasionally an email address may be unable to receive the email and will be listed either as Blocked or Bounced within the Email Traffic Report. This indicates there was an issue delivering the email to that particular email address. You can resend the email to these recipients by following the steps below.

How do I re-send undelivered emails?


The “Resend to Undelivered Recipients” option becomes available 72 hours from when the original email was sent. You can hover your mouse over the “Resend to Undelivered Recipients” option to view when this function will become available.

  1. Navigate to the area in MemberNova where the email was originally sent from:

  2. On the right side of the page, click on the Actions drop down menu for the email you would like to resend.

  3. Within the drop-down, click Resend to Undelivered Recipients.

  4. A confirmation message will appear saying it will resend the email to all recipients who failed to receive the email due to non-delivery issues. Click the Resend button to resend the email to the undelivered recipients.

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