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How to add a non-member - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Membership - MemberNova Support

How to add a non-member

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You can add non-member records to your organization, if the user is not a member, or staff of your organization.

Adding a Non-Member

  1. Click the Add Non-Member button from the Admin Dashboard.

  2. Fill these details for the non-member record:

    • Non-Member Information - The records’ name, email, and phone information.

      • First Name - The person’s first name.

      • Last Name - The person’s last name.

      • Email Address - The person’s email address.

      • Country Code - The phone country code. Select a country to populate the phone country code.

      • Preferred Phone - The person’s preferred phone number.

      • Categories - The category the non-member record should be grouped with. You can select any number of Categories. The below categories are a few you may see:

        • Consultant - A consultant for your organization.

        • Prospect - A potential prospect for your organization.

        • Sponsor - A sponsor of your organization.

        • Supplier - A supplier to your organization.

        • Vendor - A vendor working with your organization.

    • Permission to Store Personal Data

      • By selecting this checkbox, you agree that you have this individual's consent... Checkbox (Required) - This checkbox grants consent for the organization to store the person’s information into the system.

  3. Click Save one done.

  4. You will be redirected to the person’s profile to make additional changes.

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