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Creating a new Group - Knowledgebase / Administrator's Guide / Community Groups - MemberNova Support

Creating a new Group

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Members can join groups to participate in discussions, attend group specific events, view documents and email fellow members.  To learn how to create a new Group, follow the steps below:

Creating a Group

1. From the dashboard, click Engagement or the clock icon on the left.

2. Click Groups.

3. Click the Create A Group button.

4. Fill in the fields on the page:

  • Group Name - The name of the group.
  • Entities - The type of member who will be joining this group.
  • Group Category - The category this group falls under. To learn more about group categories, click here.
  • Description - The full description of the group. This is displayed when a non-group member clicks the About Group button.
  • Short Description - A teaser or short description of the group. 
  • Cover Image - Displays the image when a non-group member clicks the About Group button.
  • Group Image - Display the image on the Group List page.

5. Click Save.

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