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How to search and export the officers - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Officers - MemberNova Support

How to search and export the officers

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You can search for your officers and export a list by using the steps below.

  1. Click Settings or the Gear icon on the left menu.

  2. In the Membership Management section, click Officer Search and Export.

  3. The Officers page will display and the current officers will load. At the top of the page, you will have the following filters:

    • Term - The term the officer is in.

      • Custom - Select Custom to enter a custom date range.

      • Past - Displays a list of officers in prior years.

      • Current - Displays the current list of officers.

      • Future - Displays the list of upcoming officers.

    • Positions - Select one or more positions to see the officers in the position. Learn more about adding officer positions and assigning officers.

  4. Click the blue Update Results button to update the list based on the filters.

  5. Click Export to download the list as a .csv spreadsheet file. The .csv file will includes:

    • Name - The officer’s full name.

    • From - When the officer started their position.

    • To - When the officer will end their position.

    • Email - The officer’s email address.

    • Position - The officer’s position.

  6. You can also click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Export button and click Custom Officer Export.

    • The Custom Officer Export includes:

      • Officer Position - The officer’s position.

      • Prefix - The officer’s prefix.

      • First Name - The officer’s first name.

      • Last Name - The officer’s last name.

      • Suffix - The officer’s suffix.

      • Officer Start Date - The officer’s position start date.

      • Officer End Date - The officer’s position end date.

      • Email - The officer’s email address.

      • Phone - The officer’s phone number.

      • Gender - The officer’s gender.

      • Gender Self-Identification - If the officer selected “Prefer to Self-Identify” as their gender, this column will display what they identity as.

      • Address Information - The officer’s address.

      • Member Directory Opt-in - If the officer has opted into being displayed on the Member Directory.

      • Public Directory Opt-out - If the officer had opted into being displayed on the Public Directory.

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