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How to update officer settings and account positions - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / FAQs - MemberNova Support

How to update officer settings and account positions

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You are able to add Officers and assign specific positions to members per term.  Before you select the officers you have to create the Officer Position.

To learn how to assign members/people to the positions, please read the article called Assigning Officers

Officer Settings

  1. Click Home or the house icon on the left.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Officers Settings. This page has two areas: Settings and Account Positions.


  • Title - Here, you can name the list of officers as per your organization's preferences (e.g. Executives, Officers, etc.)

  • Start Month - This is the month when the position starts.

Account Positions

This section allows you to add, edit, or remove positions. There is a popup window with several fields which displays the current position:

  • Name - Title of the position.

  • Code - Code of the position.

  • Maximum Number- The maximum number of members/people who can be in this position for the term.

  • Allow Empty - Allows the position to be empty.

  • Roles - Automatically assign special access levels if the person is given this role. E.g., if there is a position name Website Administrator, the role you can set is Administrator. This way the member/person would be able to edit the website and more.


You can click the Add button to add new positions.

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