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How to create a donation campaign? - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Donations - MemberNova Support

How to create a donation campaign?

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Donation Campaigns are used to collect donations for different projects. To create a new Donation Campaign:

  1. Click Settings or the Gear icon on the left menu.

  2. Click the E-Commerce & Financial tab.

  3. Click the Donation Campaigns link in the Donations section.

  4. On the Donation Campaign List page, click the Add button.

  5. On the Add Donation Campaign page, you will have these options:

    • General Donation Settings

      • GL Account - A drop down menu which allows you to select which GL Account receives the donated funds. 

      • Title - The title of the Donation Campaign page on the website.

      • Permalink - The URL of the Donation Campaign. For the example, the donation campaign will appear as:[Permalink] without the square brackets.

      • Code - The donation code. This code will appear in the list of transactions for your online payment processor and GL Account.

      • Description - Description of the Donation Campaign.

      • Image - Click Choose File or Browse to select an image for the Donation Campaign.

      • Display Options - Control what data is displayed on the Donations Campaign list page and the Donation Campaign page. 

        • Show total donation amount - Shows total funds received from all donors on the Donation Campaign’s public page.

        • Show total number of donors - Shows the total number of donors on the Donation Campaign’s public page.

        • Show on public donations page - Shows the Donation Campaign on the Donations List page.

        • Allow Comment - Allow the donor to comment when they donate.

      • Available Amounts - The preset donation amounts separated by commas, e.g., 10, 25, 50.

      • Allow Free Form Amount - Checking this option allows a donor to submit their own custom amount.

        • Minimum Amount - If Allow Free Form Amount is enabled, enter the minimum amount a Donor can submit.

      • Payment Account - Which payment account will process and receive the funds.

      • Allow Pay By Check - If the donor is allowed to pay by check.

        • Pay By Check Instructions - Use this textbox to enter the check instructions for the donor. For example your organization’s mailing address and whom the check should be made out to.

      • Use Custom Confirmation Message - Allows you to create your own Confirmation Message, instead of using the default system message.

    • Donation Notifications - Allows the system to send a confirmation email to the donor after the donor made a donation.

      • Donation Confirmation - Used to either enable or disable the ability for the system to send an email to confirm the Donor’s donation. If enabled, you will have the following options.

        • Select Template Type - Select System to use the System default Donation Confirmation email template. Select Custom to select your own email template.

        • Select Template - Use this dropdown to select your own Custom Email Template, or if using the System Template Type, select the Donation Confirmation email template.

        • Select Profile - Select the Sender Profile that should be used when sending the Donation Confirmation email.

  6. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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