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How do I subscribe to the events calendar? - Knowledgebase / Member Help / Events - MemberNova Support

How do I subscribe to the events calendar?

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The Subscribe to Calendar option is an Internet Calendar Subscription that allows you to download and view all the events on your website calendar, in your own personal calendar application. 

Unlike a Calendar snapshot, which is where you add events to your own calendar manually, Internet Calendar Subscriptions are updated automatically. You can click on the Subscribe to Calendar button and copy the link to download and subscribe to the calendar. As events are added to the website, they are also automatically added to your personal calendar application. Please note, this does not mean you have registered for the events, if registration is required.

Learn how to setup the Internet Calendar Subscription with your calendar application below:


If an event shows on the website's calendar, but not inside your own personal calendar application, this means that the event does not have an end time specified. Events without an end time do not display in personal calendars via this option.

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