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Bulk Actions List

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The Bulk Actions List displays past bulk actions. Bulk actions can happen from the following areas: Member and other lists, Subscription list, and Automations.

Bulk Actions List

  1. Click Settings or the Gear icon on the left menu.

  2. Click the Bulk Actions link in the Data Administration section while in the Membership & Data tab.

  3. You will see the following search filters:

    • Date - The date when the bulk action happened.

    • Created By - Who created the bulk action.

    • Used In - Where the bulk action was used.

    • Action Type - The type of action.

      • Bulk Action - The type of bulk action taken. Eg. Bulk Edit, Bundle, Subscription Actions, etc.

      • Email - The subject of the email.

      • Export - Filters only exports

    • Description - The description of the bulk action.

    • Action Status - The status of the bulk action.

    • Number of Records - How many records were affected by the action.

  4. Click Update Results to apply the filter to the list.

  5. In the list, it displays several column headers

    • Date - The date when the bulk action happened.

    • Used In -Where it was used.

    • Type - The type.

    • Description - The description of the bulk action or the email’s subject.

    • Created By - Who created it.

    • Progress - The process.

    • Total - The total number of records affected by the action.

    • Status - The action’s status.

    • Actions

      • Download Log - Exports the Bulk Action’s report of the affected records.

      • Cancel - Cancels the pending action

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