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Feb 2 2024

MemberNova Intermittent Service Disruption

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[Feb 02 2024 3:10 PM]

On January 31th 2023 our team started to observe some performance degradation with parts of the platform. Customers may experience intermittent slowdowns while attempting to visit MemberNova websites, and or navigating in the Members Area.

We are working to identify the root cause of the issue and will continue to closely monitor the platform.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this matter.

We will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.

[Feb 07 2024 11:30 AM]

Our team has been working with the Microsoft Azure team to identify the underlying performance issues that have been impacting the our platform since the 31st of January. Microsoft has confirmed that the performance degradation is related to an update to an underlying service.


As part of our next regular update on Thursday February 8th 2024, we will have several changes that are intended to help address the performance impacts to the system. We will continue to closely monitor the system after the update.


We appreciate your patience and understanding while have been working to address the impact to MemberNova.


We will continue to post more information as it becomes available.

[Feb 08 2024 3:30 PM]

Our team continues to work with Microsoft while we monitor performance from the update. Based on monitoring the update has improved overall performance of the system, and we’re not seeing the same intermittent disruptions as before.

We will continue to monitor over the next several days to ensure that these improvements hold.

We will continue to post more information as it becomes available.

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