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How do I view the product store? - Knowledgebase / Administrator Help / Products - MemberNova Support

How do I view the product store?

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The product store is a public page where members and non-members can purchase items from the website.


In order to setup a Product Store, you will need to:

  1. To get to the public store page enter your domain name /store in the URL address of your internet browser. For example:

  2. You are now on the store page. Users can select the products that are available by expanding the product catalog group.

  3. When the user checks out they would have to enter all in of their details. If a member was logged in when they checkout, their information will be pre-populated with the information from their profile.

  4. After a store purchase has been made the order, invoice, and payment can be found in the system on the respective pages.

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