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Image Library

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The Image Library stores images which can be used with the Website, Bulletin, Events, and Groups.

Note: Renaming an image or folder will break the link to the image. If this image was used any where on the site, it will display as a broken image.

Image Library Details

1. When you are in the image library there are several folders on the right:

  • MemberNova Images (locked) - These images were added by MemberNova to assist the organization. Feel free to use any of these images.
  • Organization Images (locked) - This folder is used to store images from your organization if you have a child account. If this folder is empty, you are not a child account.
  • Admin - A folder which administrators can use.
  • My Images - A folder which is commonly used to store your images.
  • Photo Albums (locked) - A folder which pulls images from Photo Albums.

Note: If a folder says (locked) beside it, you are not able to add images into this folder.

Folder options

When you right click on a folder, you will see several options.

  • New Subfolder - This allows you to create a subfolder in the Admin or My Images folder.
  • Rename - This allows you to rename a subfolder.
  • Delete - This allows you to delete a subfolder.

Add an image and other options

Above the images there is a menu bar with four options:

  • Upload - Allows you to add more images into the image library.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the image library to display any changes.
  • Settings - This provides view, display, and sort options:
    • View - Ability to select Thumbnail or List view.
    • Display - Can hide the File Name, Date, and File Size.
    • Sorting - Provides four sort options: File Name, Date, Size, Extension.
  • Maximize - This enlarges the window to full screen.

Image properties

When you right click on an image, you'll see several options:

  • Select - Chooses the image to be used. You can also double click over the image for this same action.
  • View - Displays the image in a pop up window.
  • Download - Downloads the image to your computer.
  • Rename - Renames the image.
  • Delete - Moves the image to the Deleted Image Archive. If this was image was used anywhere on the website it will display as a broken link.
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