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What is the image library

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The Image Library stores images which can be used with the Website, Bulletin, Events, and Groups.


Renaming an image or folder will break the link to the image. If this image was used any where on the site, it will display as a broken image.

Image Library Details

When you are in the image library there are several folders on the right:

  • MemberNova Images (locked) - These images were added by MemberNova to assist the organization. Feel free to use any of these images.

  • Organization Images (locked) - This folder is used to store images from your organization if you have a child account. If this folder is empty, you are not a child account.

  • Admin - A folder which administrators can use.

  • My Images - A folder which is commonly used to store your images.

  • Photo Albums (locked) - A folder which pulls images from Photo Albums.


If a folder says (locked) beside it, you are not able to add images into this folder.

Folder options

When you right click on a folder, you will see several options.

  • New Subfolder - This allows you to create a subfolder in the Admin or My Images folder.

  • Rename - This allows you to rename a subfolder.

  • Delete - This allows you to delete a subfolder.

Add an image and other options

Above the images there is a menu bar with four options:

  • Upload - Allows you to add more images into the image library.

  • Refresh - Refreshes the image library to display any changes.

  • Settings - This provides view, display, and sort options:

    • View - Ability to select Thumbnail or List view.

    • Display - Can hide the File Name, Date, and File Size.

    • Sorting - Provides four sort options: File Name, Date, Size, Extension.

  • Maximize - This enlarges the window to full screen.

Image properties

When you right click on an image, you'll see several options:

  • Select - Chooses the image to be used. You can also double click over the image for this same action.

  • View - Displays the image in a pop up window.

  • Download - Downloads the image to your computer.

  • Rename - Renames the image.

  • Delete - Moves the image to the Deleted Image Archive. If this was image was used anywhere on the website it will display as a broken link.

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