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How to import members

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Using the Import functionality allows you to add or update multiple records at a time. Follow the steps below on how to import members.

Importing Members

  1. Click Settings or the Gear icon on the left.

  2. In the Import & Export section, click Import Members.

  3. You will see a list of past imports. Click Import.

  4. Please enter the information into the fields on the page to upload the data:

    • Record Type - Where the data will be imported into.

    • File to import - Select the CSV file to upload.

    • Encoding - The type of encoding used in the CSV file. (Default recommend)

    • File Description - The description of the import file.

  1. Section 1 displays a sample of the imported data for you to review.

  2. Section 2 allows you to map the fields of the imported data to the fields in the Entity.


You can click the X on the field mapping to remove the field if it is not needed.

  1. Click Next to import the file.

  2. The Import Data page will display again, but with a progress bar on the right to show the progress of the import. To see the updated progress, please refresh the page.

  3. Once done, you can review the data imported.

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