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How do I change the theme of the website? - Knowledgebase / Administrator's Guide / Website - MemberNova Support

How do I change the theme of the website?

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There are several themes in MemberNova which control the style, color, and look of the website. All of these themes are mobile friendly and uses Bootstrap code.

How to select a theme

1. While editing the homepage, click on the Themes button located near the right.

2. You will see a list of themes which you can select. All of the Themes have a name, short description, thumbnail image, and color palettes.

  • Short Descriptions
    • Next Gen - This is the short form for "Next Generation". This means the theme is mobile friendly and uses Bootstrap code.
    • Banner - The theme has a Banner area at the top of the website above the menu. This can be edited by clicking on the banner area.
    • No Banner - The theme does not have a Banner area above the menu. However you can add a custom banner by using a widget in the sections named: Banner, Band 1, Band 2, or Top.
    • Float Menu - The website menu always stays at the top of the page as the visitor scrolls down the page for easy navigation.
    • Logo Banner - Displays the Menu Logo in the banner area above the menu, with the name of the Organization beside it.
  • Color Palettes - Beside the thumbnail image, you will see different color palettes which you can select to change the theme's color. These will affect font, highlight and background colors, you can click each one to see the variations.
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