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How do I change the Footer? - Knowledgebase / Administrator's Guide / Website - MemberNova Support

How do I change the Footer?

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You can create a Footer for the website. This gives you the ability to have the same content at the bottom on every webpage on the site. You can access the Manage Footers page at any time to create new footers or edit existing ones.

Changing the Footer

1.  Click Website or the globe icon on the left, then click Footer

Note: You can also edit the Footer by clicking on Footer when editing the website.

2.  You are now on the Manage Footers page. There are a few options on this page:

  • Add New Footer - Creates a new Footer.
  • Edit - Edits a Footer.
  • Down arrow icon
    • Active this Footer - Applies the Footer to the website.
    • Preview on Home Page - Previews the Footer on the home page.
    • Delete - Deletes the Footer.

3. If you click Add New Footer or Edit, you are able to enter or change the Title of the Footer. Then you can use the Online Editor to create or edit the Footer's content.

4. Once you have finished creating or editing the Footer, you can click on one of the following options:

  • Save and Publish - Saves the footer and makes it appear live on the website.
  • Save Footer - Saves the footer and does not makes it appear live on the website.
  • Cancel - Cancels the changes you made.
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