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Adding a Calendar Item - Knowledgebase / Administrator's Guide / Events - MemberNova Support

Adding a Calendar Item

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Calendar Items are used to create simple entries on the website calendar. For example they can be used for a recurring weekly meeting, or for a one time event announcement, which does not require registration.

Note: Calendar Items are not meant for event registrations or payments.

How to add a Calendar Item:

1. Click Engagement or the clock icon on the left.

2. Click Calendar.

3. Click Add Calendar Item.

4. The following fields will need to be populated:

  • Title - The title of the Calendar Item.
  • Description - A description of the Calendar Item.
  • Show on Website - An option to display or hide the Calendar Item on the website and calendar.
  • Image Logo - The logo for the Calendar Item.
  • Location - The name of the location, e.g., Holiday Inn, Madison Square Gardens, etc.
  • Address - The address of the location.
  • Latitude Longitude - The latitude and longitude of the address (Optional).
  • Event Start Date - The starting date and time of the Calendar Item.
  • Event End Date - The end date and time of the Calendar Item.
  • Recurrence - Defines whether the Calendar Item will be one-time or recurring.
    • One-time - Only a one time Calendar Item.
    • Recurring - Determine how often the Calendar Item will be occurring, e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

5. Click Save when done.

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