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How do I add a link?

In a widget or story, you may want to include a link to another page, document, or other. This will allow you to direct the viewer to a certain spot.

How to create a link

1. While editing a widget or story, enter the text or an image which you would like to use as a link. Eg. "Click here to learn more!".

2. Highlight the text or image you just entered and click on the Link icon (chain Icon).

3. You will get the following Insert Link window.

4. Choose which Link Type you would like. This provides a list of different types of links which can be opened.

  • URL - Allows you to enter any URL or website address which will redirect visitors to that site. Be sure to include the https:// in front of the website address.
  • Custom Page - This allows you to link to a custom page you have created in the past.
  • Built-in Page: Built-in pages are system created pages that update automatically. The options you can choose are:
    • Home - The home page.
    • Bulletin List - A web page with a list of bulletins.
    • Contact Us - A web page which a visitor can email the website contact.
    • Event Calendar - A web page which displays a calendar with events on it from Events.
    • Events (Card View) - A web page which displays Events as thumbnails.
    • Events List - A web page which displays a list of Events.
    • Photo Albums - A web page that displays photo albums.
    • Search - A web page where you can perform a search for content on the website.
    • Stories - A web page that displays a list of Stories.
  • Photo Album: This activates a drop down menu, in which you may select a link to a photo album to display on the homepage menu.
  • Story - This allows you to select an existing story.
  • Document - Allows you to select a file for download from the Documents area.
  • Form - This allows you to select a form.
  • Event - Displays a drop down list of Events which were created by the Organization.
  • Email - This allows you to create a link to send an email into the entered email address.

5.  After you select the link type, please select what is to be linked or paste in the URL, if you selected URL.

6. Next, the Target drop-down selection and you have the option to select whether the link will open in the Same Window, in a New Window, etc.

  • Same Window - Opens the link in the current window/tab.
  • New Window - Opens the link in a new window/tab. This allow the user not to lose the page where they currently are. When the user closes the new window/tab, the current page will be displayed.

7. Once done, click OK.

Removing a Link

Removing a link is just as easy as adding it. To remove the link, right click on the link and select Unlink.

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