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How do I update the homepage?

MemberNova allows you edit pages on the website using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. When you make modifications on the page, it saves automatically.

Editing the homepage

1. From the Dashboard, click Website or the Globe icon on the left.

2. Click Home Page.

3. You will see a list of thumbnails as pages in the Recent Pages area. Click on the page named Home Page.

4. The page you are on now is the Page Designer. From here there are several options you can do:

  • Website - You will see a large area which displays the home page. You can change the website by modifying this area. There are different areas which you can change:
    • Logo - You can update the website logo by clicking on the logo near the website's menu.
    • Menu - By clicking on the website's menu, you can modify it.
    • Footer - At the bottom of the page you will see a footer area. To modify this area, please click on it.
  • There are three buttons located on the right:
    • Content - By clicking this button, you will gain access to the Widgets. You can drag and drop the Widgets onto the page. There are two different icons displayed on the widgets:
      • + - This means the Widgets will be created when you drag it over to the page.
      • Magnify glass - This means the Widget is existing. When you click on the magnify glass, it provides you with a preview of the content of the Widget.
    • Themes - By clicking this button, you can set a new theme for the website. This controls the look and colors of the site.
    • Layouts - By clicking this button, you can set a new layout for the website. This controls the look and areas where you can add Widgets.
  • Preview (Computer screen, Tablet, and Mobile phone icon) - By clicking on each of these icons near the top, it allows you to see how the page looks on different devices.
  • Publish (button) - This makes the changes you made go live.

5. After clicking on Publish, the changes you made will be live.

Note: After you click Publish, the changes normally will be displayed within a few seconds after refreshing the page. At times it could take several minutes or more.

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