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Renewal Settings

Renewal Settings allows you to set automatic reminders to help remind members to renew their membership. You can set how many days before the notice is sent and which email template to use.

Note: You can add more than one reminder

Adding Automatic Reminders

1. Please click here to learn how to find the Renewal Settings page. Once you reach the area about Renewal Settings, please click on the Renewal Settings link.

2. Click Add Sequence.

3. On the Add Renewal Action page you will see a few fields which will help you set the automatic reminders.

  • Name - The name of the reminder
  • When? - The number of days before the member expires.
  • Entity Type - The Entity which has the membership you would like to send a reminder about.
  • Email Template - The email template which would be sent to the member.

4. Click Save when done.

5. You will see the Sequence being displayed on the page. On the right you can click on the down arrow to see the options.

  • Preview - Allows you to see a list of members who would be receiving the renewal email, as of the date displayed
  • Edit - Allows you to edit the reminder.
  • History - Provides a history of which members received the renewal emails.
  • Make Active - Activates the Sequence to make it go live and working.
  • Delete - Removes the Sequence.
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