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Adding a Calendar Item

Calendar Items are used to add notes on the calendar and website. It can be used for a recurring weekly meeting or for a one time event.

Calendar Items cannot take event registrations or payments


1. Click Engagement or the clock icon on the left.

2. Click Calendar.

3. Click Add Calendar Item.

4. The page now asks for information to setup the Calendar Item.

  • Title - The title of the event/meeting
  • Description - A Description of the event/meeting.
  • Show on Website - An option to display or hide the event/meeting on the website and calendar.
  • Image Logo - The logo for the event/meeting.
  • Location - The name of the location. Eg. Holiday Inn, Madison Square Gardens, ect.
  • Address - The address of the location.
  • Latitude Longitude - The latitude and longitude of the address. (Optional)
  • Event Start Date - The starting date of the event/meeting.
  • Event End Date - The end date of the event/meeting.
  • Recurrence - If the event/meeting will be one-time or recurring.
    • One-time - Only a one time event/meeting.
    • Recurring - Able to set how often the event/meeting will be occurring. Eg. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

5. Click Save when done.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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