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Sending Event Emails & Invitations

You can send email communications to members, non-members, and to registrants for events. These communications could be to invite members and non-members to register for the event or to communicate a change of date to all of the attendees.

Sending an Email

1. Access the Event area by using the link on the Dashboard or the menu on the left.

2. Click Manage on the event you would like to send an email for.

3. Click the Email tab.

4. There are two buttons:

  • New Invitation - Allows you to send an invitation email to invite members and non-members to register for the event.
  • New Email - Allows you to send an email to members, non-members, and registrants to inform them of changes or other information.

5. After you click the New Invitation or New Email button you will see a few steps:

Step 1 - Allows you to select the recipients who will receive the email.

  • + Icon - Expands the group of recipients to allow you to select the different types.
  • Expand - Displays a list of recipients in the group, so a single recipient or more can be selected.

Step 2 - Asks for more information to build the email.

  • Select Template - A drop down box that lets you select which template you would like to use.
    • System - Displays templates that are prebuilt in MemberNova.
    • Custom - Displays templates which were created by the Organization.
Note: A default system template is already in use in the message box
  • Subject - The email's subject.
  • Insert Mail Merge Fields - Allows you to insert mail merge fields into the message area.
  • Message - The content of the email.

Step 3 - Allows you to attach files to the email.

Step 4 - Allows you to select additional options.

  • Send a list of recipients as an attachment - This adds a text file attachment to the email which contains the list of the recipients' names, so other recipients will know who else received the email.
  • Copy me on this email - Sends a copy of the email to yourself.

Step 5 - Allows you to send the email right away or Schedule it for a later time.

You now can click one of three buttons.

  • Save as Draft - This saves the whole email as a draft for later use.
  • Send to Myself - This sends the email as a test to yourself.
  • Send - This send the email to the recipients.
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