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Creating an Event

MemberNova allows you to create events. These events can be displayed on the website, bulletin, sent by email, and shared on social media. Events can allow members and non-members to register and pay for the event, so they can attend the event.


1. Click Engagement or the clock icon on the left.

2. Click Events.

3. On the right, click Create Event.

4. You are now asked for the event's information.

  • Name of your event
    • First field - The event's title.
    • Second field - This is used for the event's permalink. The permalink is used for the event's URL/address.
  • Code of your event - This helps the Organization track the finances within the Organization's credit card processor's reports.
  • Location of the event
    • First field - The name of the event venue. Eg: Holiday Inn, Madison Square Gardens, etc.
    • Second field - The address of the event.
  • Time Zone - The time zone the event is in.
  • STARTS - The date the event starts.
  • ENDS - The date the event ends.
  • Description of the event - A full description of the event.
  • Short Description - A short description of the event.
  • Organizer Name - The name of the person who is organizing the event.
  • Event Cover Image - This image is used as a banner on the event's page on the website.
Note: The image should be at least 1920px by 1080px, and no larger than 15.00 MB
  • Event Image - This image is used as a thumbnail for the event.

5. Near the bottom right, click Continue to Tickets.

6. You are now asked to enter information about tickets, products, donations, and promotions.


This allows you to setup tickets for the event.  If you click Add Ticket, you will be able to enter information for event tickets.

  • Ticket Name - The name of the ticket
  • Ticket Code - This helps the Organization track the finances within the Organization's credit card processor's reports.
  • Ticket Description - The description of the ticket.
  • Allow Public Registration - An option to allow non-members to be able to register for the event.
  • Default Price - The default cost of the ticket.
  • Limit - The total amount of tickets available.
    Note: To allow unlimited tickets, please leave the field blank or enter 0
  • Prices - This allows different pricing based on membership type.
  • Ticket Availability - The date range for ticket sales.
    • Starts on - The date of when people can start to purchase tickets.
    • Ends on - The date when ticket sales will stop.


This allows you to set products that can be sold. If you click Add Product, you will be able to enter information for products.

  • Product Name - Then name of the product.
  • Product Code - This helps the Organization track the finances within the Organization's credit card processor's reports.
  • Image - An image of the product.
  • Description - A description of the product.
  • Options
    • Name - Name of the product.
    • Price - Cost of the product
    • Limit - A set limit of product available.
  • Add Option - Provides and nothing row of Name, Price, and Limit. 


This allows the event to accept donations. If you click Edit, you will be able to change the option for Donations.

  • Allow donations? - Allows you to turn off and on donations.
  • Donation Message - A message to ask people to donate and why they should.

Promo Codes

This allows you to create promotion codes to give discounts. If you click Add Promo Code, you will be able to add promotion codes for people to use.

  • Name - The name of the promo code.
  • Code - The code the registrant will use to get the promotion price.
  • Discount Amount
    • $ (Money) - How much money the registrant would get off of the event.
    • (Percent) - How much percent the registrant would get off of the event.
  • Limit - How many times the promo code can be used. Leave blank for unlimited.
  • Active from - The date of when the promo code can start. Can be blank to start right away.
  • Expires on -  The date of when the promo code can no longer to entered. Can be blank so it does not stop.
  • Only for the following tickets - Allows you to limit the promo code to certain tickets.

7. After you have completed the Tickets & eCommerce page, you can review and change the Registration form. To do this, please click Form near the top of the page.

8. The questions displayed are fields the registrant can fill in. There are two different set of questions.

  • Order Questions - These questions are displayed for the registrant who is ordering.
  • Attendee Questions - These questions are displayed for attendees/guests the registrant is ordering for.
Note: To show or hide the email field for attendees, click Edit Standard Questions for options

9. To add more questions to either of these areas, click Add Question.

  • Question Text - The question you would like the registrant to fill in.
  • Question Type - A drop down list of field types.
    • Checkbox - Provides a checkbox for the registrant to select from.
    • Dropdown - Provides a dropdown box for the registrant to select from.
    • Long Text - Provides a large text box for the registrant to enter their answer in.
    • Multiple Choice - Provides a list for the registrant to select from. You have an option to display an Other option, if the registrant does not have their answer listed.
    • Number - Provides a field which only accepts numbers from the registrant.
    • Short Text - Provides a small text box for the registrant to enter their answer in.
    • Single Choice - Provides a list of radio buttons for the registrant to select from.
  • Required? - Makes the question required, so the registrant has to answer it.
  • Conditional by product/ticket? - If the registrant selects the product/ticket you entered, this question will show to the registrant. If this field is empty, this question will display for all registrants/attendees.

10. After you have completed reviewing/editing the form, you can click Settings.

11. The Settings page allows you to set the payment details and other options.

  • Payment Options - Displays payments options.
    • Allow credit card payments - To be able to enable or disable credit cards for the event. You can also select other credit card processor accounts, if you have more than one.
    • Allow check payments - To be able to enable or disable check payment for the event.
    • Allow bill me later - To be able to enable or disable an option for the registrant to pay at a later date for the event.
    • GL Account - Which MemberNova account you would like the funds to go into for tracking purposes.
  • Entity Lookup - If a member is logged into MemberNova and registering for an event, they will see a field called "Assign Member" on the question page, which allows them to find fellow members and assigns them to tickets.
  • Email Notifications - Displays the notifications and email templates which are sent to registrants, attendees, and the event organizer. The email templates which are used can be changed if you click the Edit button.
  • Event Reminder - Allows you to schedule an en email to be sent automatically before the event happens.
  • Confirmation Message - A message that appears after the registrant successfully completes their purchase. This can be edited by clicking on the Edit button.

12. Near the top right, can you click View to see the event's page to review it. The event is now live.

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